How to Cook Food Faster in the Kitchen?

Cook Food Faster

It is safer to cook food at home instead of ordering takeout, in this Coronavirus pandemic. But for beginners, preparing a meal at home takes a long time. So if you end up spending more time in the kitchen, then follow these tips and cook food faster.

1. Add Salt to Pasta Water

Always add salt to the water, when making pasta. Adding salt to the water raises the boiling point of the water, which means it decreases the amount of time to boil and you can cook food faster. Moreover, the salt also adds flavor to the pasta.

2. Heat Oil in the Cold Pan before you Start Cooking

Always heat up the oil in the cold pan, which gives you time to watch as the oil gets hot. If you add oil to a hot pan, it’s going to get hot very fast and the oil will burn. As a result, the ingredients will stick to the pan and turn out badly. So, cook food faster by heating the oil in the cold pan. It saves your time and also prevents sticking.

3. Use a Small Pan

Choose the size of the pan, according to the quantity of the ingredients. Large pans take more time to heat up as compared to small pans. So always try to make your food in a smaller pan and cook food faster.

4. Putting a Lid on Top of a Pan

By covering the top of the pan with the lid, prevent heat loss. Also, the external kitchen temperature will have no influence on the cooking temperature of your food, if you cover the top of the pan.

5. Use Baking Soda When Cooking Beans

The baking soda can work wonders on beans, saves your cooking time up to an hour. Add a tiny amount of baking soda (one teaspoon per cup of dry beans) to the water and soak your beans. It can actually help your beans cook faster.

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